• physical fundamentals of laser-based microtechnologies, modeling, and quantitative analysis;
  • precision laser microshaping: cutting, drilling, etc.;
  • local laser modification of different materials composition and properties;
  • laser surface microstructuring;
  • laser melting, welding, and soldering of microcomponents including plastics;
  • laser processing of thin films;
  • laser trimming of electronic and optical components;
  • laser technology for MEMs and fluidic devices;
  • physical, optical and computer feedbacks on laser microtechnologies;
  • in-situ measurements of laser processing properties;
  • laser and optical devices and laser systems for microtechnologies;
  • physical conceptions of laser cleaning of solid surfaces;
  • applications of laser cleaning of solid surfaces;
  • advanced applications of phase-change phenomena in optical materials and memory alloys for photonics components fabrication;
  • advanced applications of phase-change phenomena in optical materials and memory alloys ds of photonics components fabrication;
  • laser forming;
  • laser-induced processes in 2D materials.



  • mechanisms of laser heating, structural and phase transitions in condensed matter;
  • nonlinear optical effects in the matter under intensive laser irradiation;
  • physical mechanisms of laser damage of optical materials and components;
  • laser-induced surface phenomena;
  • laser-matter interaction in the near-field;
  • mechanisms and regularities of laser ablation
  • instabilities and self-organization processes under laser conditioning;



  • adsorption and orientation of organic molecules on surfaces;
  • interaction of ultrashort laser pulses with a matter;
  • electronic and optical properties of nanostructures;
  • physical fundamentals of femtosecond laser action technologies;
  • ultrafast laser heating, melting, and ablation;
  • laser-induced reversible structural transformations in solids;
  • photo-induced crystallization and amorphization.